Democrats in Disarray as Blumenthal Doubts Biden’s Election Chances

Senate Democrat Richard Blumenthal dropped a bombshell that has the DNC scrambling with his latest admission that he’s “deeply concerned” about Joe Biden’s chances in the upcoming election. Miraculously, Blumenthal seems to have uncovered the stirrings of doubt within his own party’s camp—despite standing firmly behind Biden just the day before.

Blumenthal’s sudden bout of honesty—emphasis on sudden—suggests the left is waking up to the inevitable trainwreck that is a Biden re-run. Yesterday, Blumenthal was all praises and pledges of allegiance, championing Biden as the Democratic knight in shining armor who’s slated to “aggressively and vigorously” win the American public’s favor. Fast-forward to today, and Blumenthal is playing the role of the worried mother hen, clucking about existential threats and urging quick decisions.

Clearly, the Democratic leadership is trying to keep their fractured façade from crumbling. Top Democrats like Hakeem Jeffries and Chuck Schumer remain in Biden’s corner publicly, while behind closed doors, the Democratic panic attacks are more frequent than a CNN fact check. Secret meetings reveal an ensemble of Democrats biting their nails over the electoral implications of a Biden ballot—they’re afraid the Biden anchor will sink their ship from top to bottom.

Blumenthal’s credibility took another nosedive when he suddenly decided to adopt a strategy of self-preservation by calling his previous unwavering support into question. His new message? Everyone should always be worried about election outcomes, including Biden. And here we thought flip-flopping was John Kerry’s specialty. 


Meanwhile, the Democratic pressure cooker initially seemed to cool when Biden declared through a congressional letter and a cozy Morning Joe call-in that he’s not budging from the race. But, oh, the reprieve was brief. Enter stage left: Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi, who decided to sprinkle a little more chaos into the mix. Pelosi took to the airwaves on Wednesday to stir the pot even further, suggesting to Democrats they keep questioning whether Biden should remain in the race. Pelosi’s cryptic encouragement for Biden to make his decision implies dissatisfaction is still brewing under the surface.

While the Democratic Party continues to bunglingly navigate the choppy waters of Biden’s re-election bid, the rest of America watches with a mixture of bemusement and disbelief. One thing’s for sure: this fiasco isn’t winning over any moderates.

Written by Staff Reports

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