Democrats Launch $140M Ad Blitz to Sway Rural Voters Against Trump

A Democratic group plans to spend $140 million on a new ad campaign to try to get rural voters to not support Donald Trump. The ads are set to start airing on Monday in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. They are aimed at people who haven’t decided who to vote for and are in areas that don’t have a lot of political ads.

The ads are part of a larger $200 million effort to try to beat Trump. The group wants to target people in smaller towns and rural areas. They will talk about things like abortion rights and healthcare. They want to try to get voters who aren’t paying much attention to the election to understand what’s at stake in November. 


The group thinks it’s important for the ads to feature regular people sharing their concerns about Trump. They believe that people are afraid of him and they need to be reminded why. The group has spent a long time finding people to be in the ads, including a nurse who is worried about what will happen to women’s rights if Trump gets reelected.

Trump got a lot of support from people in small towns and rural areas in the last election. The group has found millions of people who might be willing to switch their vote this time. They are mostly women who live in rural and small town areas.

One of the ads features a retired nurse who doesn’t support Trump. She says this is the most important election of her life and she wants to honor her family’s history of military service by voting. She also is worried about women’s rights and thinks things might go backward if Trump wins again.

The Democratic group hopes these ads will make rural voters think differently about Trump and vote for someone else in November.

Written by Staff Reports

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