Democrats Meltdown Over Biden’s Health Questions Pelosi and Dingell Struggle to Defend

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wasn’t the only Democrat to descend into a spectacle today over the ever-growing media scrutiny regarding Joe Biden’s health, the 2024 race, and that train wreck of a June 27 debate that has Democrats scrambling for cover. With Biden stubbornly stating he’s not bowing out—despite an attempted media rehab campaign that’s been, to put it kindly, a flop—Democrats are panicking, and it’s showing. Pelosi found herself cornered by ABC News’ Rachel Scott, and let’s say it didn’t go smoothly.

Pelosi wasn’t flying solo in the meltdown department. Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) took the prize on CNN, likening questions about the president’s health to domestic abuse allegations. According to Dingell, asking if Biden is in top shape is akin to asking someone if they beat their spouse. No, it isn’t, Debbie. Dingell faced the spotlight when asked if she believed Biden was the strongest bet for the top of the ticket, and her response? A melodramatic tirade that did little to inspire confidence in the Democrats’ future.

It’s another day, another Democratic meltdown. Dingell’s history lesson on taking Trump seriously in 2016 was vast and non-answer-laden, a classic pattern Democrats use to dodge the glaringly obvious: Biden’s health is a glaring liability. Unspinnable, undeniable, and ultimately, inescapable. Dingell jabbered on about Biden’s so-called record, but let’s be real—his age and mental fitness are the elephants in the room that left-wing spin doctors can’t prescribe away. A repeat of that June 27 debate debacle, and it’s curtains for Team Blue 2024.

The Democratic Party is stuck on the Biden Express to Nowhere, without a map and certainly without a plan. They’re fumbling around in the dark, hoping the American people won’t notice Grandpa Joe’s missteps while ignoring a reality that’s only growing more apparent with every public appearance. Another stumble, another slip, and, like it or not, they might be waving goodbye to their presidential dreams.

In a world of political theater, Joe Biden is the tragic hero that no Democrat wants to admit is past his prime. Panic, meltdowns, and constant shell games with the media might buy them a little time, but it won’t buy them a better candidate. As it stands, the Democrats are stuck on this sinking ship, and judging by today’s performances, it looks like they’re all out of lifeboats.

Written by Staff Reports

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