Democrats Panic Over Biden’s Cognitive Decline as Pelosi Stumbles Through Questions

Democrats are in a frenzy over Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, and the chaos is reaching new heights. Nancy Pelosi stumbled through questions about Biden’s future, emphasizing it was up to him to decide whether he would run again. Despite Biden’s repeated assurances that he’s not stepping aside, Pelosi seems to be hedging her bets, urging him to make a decision soon as “time is running short.”

Pelosi’s reluctance to voice her opinion on Biden’s capabilities was evident when she deflected questions, preferring to focus on his upcoming duties at the NATO summit. She even admitted to advising against publicly criticizing him until after the summit, suggesting it is a make-or-break moment for him. The pressure on Biden is palpable, with even top Democrats like Pelosi walking on eggshells around the issue.

In a surprising turn of events, Pelosi lost her cool when confronted by ABC reporter Rachel Scott in a hallway. Refusing to entertain questions about “the fate of our nation,” Pelosi’s abrupt dismissal of Scott’s inquiries raised eyebrows. Her condescending remark of “Am I speaking English to you?” towards Scott was not only disrespectful but also indicative of the Democrats’ unease over discussing Biden’s competence openly. 


Pelosi’s outburst only fueled speculation and criticism from the public, with many questioning the Democrats’ handling of the situation. The growing dissatisfaction with Pelosi’s evasiveness and apparent discomfort with addressing Biden’s cognitive decline reflects a party struggling to navigate a sensitive issue. As the pressure mounts and more scrutiny is placed on Biden’s performance, Democrats find themselves in a precarious position, trying to uphold an image of unity while grappling with internal doubts about their leader’s abilities.

Written by Staff Reports

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