Democrats Pledge to Shield Speaker Johnson from GOP Ouster Attempt

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene criticized Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson for collaborating with Democrats, leading the Democrat leadership in the House to promise to defend Johnson from being removed from his position if Greene forces a vote on her the speaker’s role.

Greene has expressed her dissatisfaction with Johnson’s cooperation with Democrats, including his support for the $95 billion foreign aid bill passed on April 20. Nevertheless, the Democrats have indicated their opposition to any efforts by Republicans to remove Johnson, according to The Hill.

House Democrat leaders released a joint statement stating that they would vote to table any “motion to vacate” the speaker’s position, which is necessary to force the speaker out, similar to former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s removal.

The statement from House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York, Democratic Whip Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, and caucus Chairman Pete Aguilar of California accused Johnson’s critics in the House of engaging in “MAGA extremism” and aligning with U.S. adversaries like Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Greene had filed a motion to vacate the speaker’s chair in March, but thus far, only two Republicans — Reps. Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Paul Gosar of Arizona — have co-signed the move.

After the Democrat leadership’s statement, Greene intensified her criticism of Johnson, calling him “officially the Democrat Speaker of the House” and urging him to resign and switch parties.

Greene suggested that she is soon to force a vote to vacate the speaker’s chair, indicating her determination to challenge Johnson’s speakership.

Rep. Thomas Massie also questioned Johnson’s allegiance, asserting that he has catered to the Democrats.

The GOP majority in the House has diminished during Johnson’s time as speaker, leaving only five more Republican votes than Democrats, with 217 Republicans to 212 Democrats.

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