Brian Cox Criticizes Religion, Calls Bible Propaganda

Actor Brian Cox, known for his role on HBO’s Succession, has made statements dismissing religion and criticizing the Bible as “propaganda.” Cox shared his thoughts on the Starting Line Podcast, expressing his belief that religion is holding back humanity. He suggested that religion was created as a means of control and that humanity should embrace a more matriarchal leadership. Cox referenced the Bible, particularly the story of Eve being created from Adam’s rib, as an example of religious beliefs making people resistant to matriarchy.

Furthermore, Cox stated that while he believes people need a form of truth in life, the Bible is not the truth but rather “a mythology.” This is not the first time Cox has made controversial statements, as he previously criticized “woke culture” and claimed that social media has contributed to people being easily offended.

Cox’s dismissal of religion and the Bible is consistent with his previous comments about “woke culture” and social media. His criticisms align with a conservative viewpoint that emphasizes traditional values and skepticism towards modern societal changes. Cox’s remarks reflect a perspective that assesses the impact of religion and social phenomena on society in a critical manner.

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