Democrats Target Ivanka Trump as Hunter Biden Scandal Ignored

For those wondering if the Democrats had anything better to do, think again. Even years after President Donald Trump left the White House, they continue their relentless witch hunt against him and his family. Their latest target? First Daughter Ivanka Trump. All the while, the left conveniently ignores the growing mountain of evidence against the Biden family’s shady dealings, particularly those involving First Son Hunter Biden.

In a classic display of political theater, Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA) used a House Oversight Committee hearing on defending America from the Chinese Communist Party as a platform to go after Trump. Garcia accused Ivanka Trump of taking bribes and illegal gifts from China while working in the White House. He painted a dramatic picture of Ivanka allegedly receiving preliminary approval for trademarks the same day President Trump dined with Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago. One would think Garcia had stumbled upon the crime of the century. 


However, it’s essential to note that Ivanka’s actions were nothing more than standard business practice. A spokesperson for Ivanka Trump swiftly debunked Garcia’s claims, highlighting them as demonstrably false. According to The Washington Post, Ivanka’s trademarks were merely defensive measures to prevent Chinese firms from profiting off her name—a common practice known as “trademark squatting” in China.

Despite Garcia’s cries for an investigation, Ivanka had taken extensive steps to distance herself from her business interests even before her father took office. CNN reported back in January 2017 that Ivanka Trump went further than her father in divestment; she took a formal leave of absence from the Trump Organization and her apparel and accessories brand.

Garcia’s attempt to smear Ivanka Trump did not go unchallenged. Alex Bruesewitz and Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) were quick to call out the congressman for his baseless allegations. Bruesewitz likened Garcia to the bumbling Eric Swalwell, accusing him of blatant lies. Gooden underscored that Ivanka never used those trademarks and merely registered them to prevent unauthorized use of her name.

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ focus on the Trump family serves as a convenient distraction from the Biden family’s questionable activities. Hunter Biden’s dealings with China and other foreign entities remain an open wound that the left would rather keep out of the spotlight. Yet, they continue to scream about Trump in a classic case of projection, hoping to deflect attention from their own shortcomings and corruption.

Written by Staff Reports

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