Dems’ Miscalculation Backfires: SCOTUS Expedites Trump’s Immunity Case

In a recent turn of events, the Democratic Party has once again shown their knack for overplaying their hand. The Supreme Court’s decision to expedite the case regarding Donald Trump’s presidential immunity is a prime example of the Democrats’ severe miscalculations. Despite their attempts to take down Trump before the 2024 election, it seems they’ve shot themselves in the foot yet again.

Instead of acknowledging their own faults, Democrats have resorted to blaming the Supreme Court for their predicament. But the reality is that the Democrats’ current struggle is a result of their own actions. Their relentless pursuit of taking down Trump has only led to delays and setbacks, ultimately backfiring on them.

One cannot help but chuckle at Liz Cheney’s distress over the Supreme Court’s involvement in the issue. If it weren’t for her and her cronies on the January 6th Committee dragging their feet, Trump’s trial might have already been resolved. Their misguided attempts to influence the 2022 election and slow-roll the process have only complicated matters further.

It’s clear that the Democrats’ original plan has gone awry. Their political greed and obsession with ruining Republicans’ chances have only resulted in them losing control of the timeline. While they wallow in self-pity over the current situation, it’s important to remember that their own hubris led them down this path.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a comical display of political miscalculation. Perhaps next time, the Democrats will learn to play their cards more wisely and avoid creating unnecessary obstacles for themselves. But knowing their track record, it’s unlikely they’ll heed this lesson anytime soon.

Written by Staff Reports

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