Dems Nix Bill to Deport Drunken Illegal Drivers!

This week, a significant legislative proposal aimed at ensuring the swift deportation of illegal alien drunk drivers faced opposition from House Democrats. Astonishingly, 150 House Democrats voted against the "Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act," put forth by Rep. Barry Moore (R-AL) on Wednesday. This proposed legislation sought to designate drunk driving convictions as grounds for ineligibility to remain in the U.S., a seemingly sensible approach.

In practical terms, the law would empower Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to promptly apprehend illegal aliens convicted of drunk driving for deportation. However, only 59 House Democrats exhibited the foresight to break ranks with their party, aligning with 215 House Republicans to pass the bill. The 59 Democrats who supported the bill are commendable for recognizing the importance of such measures.

During the deliberations, Rep. Moore shared a poignant account on the House floor, recounting the tragic fate of a newlywed couple from his hometown killed by an illegal immigrant driving under the influence. Such heart-wrenching stories underscore the urgency of enforcing laws against drunk driving by illegal aliens. These incidents are regrettably not isolated, demanding immediate and bipartisan action.

Adding to the frustration, 155 House Democrats opposed legislation proposed by Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) aimed at expediting the deportation of illegal aliens convicted of Social Security fraud against American citizens. Incredibly, only 55 House Democrats supported the bill, standing alongside 217 House Republicans. This is a perplexing stance, considering the pervasive threat of Social Security fraud committed by illegal aliens, posing risks to hardworking Americans.

The prevalence of such fraud jeopardizes the identities and financial well-being of American citizens, necessitating Congress to take decisive action. The need for representatives who prioritize the safety and security of American citizens over political gains cannot be overstated. It is evident that these bills are integral to the safety of American communities. Yet, House Democrats seem inclined to politicize these issues, rather than supporting sensible legislation that safeguards citizens. The hope now rests on the Senate to demonstrate more rational judgment than their counterparts in the House.

Written by Staff Reports

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