Dems Snub Cop Safety Bill, Risking Heroes for Open Borders!

The Democrats are at it again, folks! On Tuesday, 154 of them voted against common sense and safety for our law enforcement officers by rejecting the Agent Raul Gonzalez Officer Safety Act, sponsored by the brave and outstanding Rep. Juan Ciscomani (R-AZ). This bill aimed to hold accountable those who engage in dangerous high-speed car chases with Customs and Border Protection within 100 miles of the border. But leave it to the left to put the lives of our brave men and women in uniform at risk!

Sure, the bill did manage to pass with some bipartisan support, but let’s not forget that 154 Democrats thought it was a good idea to vote against protecting our border patrol agents. And guess what? Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) was one of them. Can you believe it? The bill is in honor of Border Patrol Agent Raul Gonzalez, who tragically lost his life in 2022, and yet Rep. Gonzalez couldn’t find it in his heart to support the very bill named after someone who gave everything to protect our borders.

Former Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) didn’t let this slide. She called out Rep. Gonzalez for voting against a bill that would’ve toughened criminal penalties for undocumented immigrants fleeing border patrol in motor vehicles. It’s crystal clear that the safety of our law enforcement officers takes a back seat to the Democrats’ agenda.

And let’s not forget about Rep. Ciscomani, who fought tooth and nail for this bill. He talked about the alarming frequency of high-speed chases taking place near the border, jeopardizing the lives of our officers and innocent bystanders. He even shared stories from his constituents, who witness these dangerous chases on a weekly basis. It’s a nightmare out there, and the Dems are turning a blind eye to it.

And oh, guess who’s making a comeback? That’s right – Mayra Flores is running again for her old seat, and she’s got the endorsement of none other than President Donald J. Trump himself. It’s time to take a stand for our law enforcement officers and our borders, and it looks like Flores is ready to bring some common sense back to Washington. Let’s make America safe again, one high-speed chase at a time!

Written by Staff Reports

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