Kennedy Vows to Crush Biden’s Energy War, Defend American Jobs!

In a fiery declaration of resistance, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana has promised to take on President Biden’s assault on the energy industry by putting a halt to State and Energy department nominees.

The fervent Louisiana Republican has set his sights on the recent suspension of new and pending permits for liquefied natural gas export terminals, particularly those in his home state. Despite the Biden administration’s explanation that the pause is intended to update the evaluation process, Kennedy made it abundantly clear in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that he sees right through this smokescreen.

According to Kennedy, President Biden is merely yielding to the pressure of zealous environmental activists who want to obliterate America’s fossil-fuel industry. It seems to Kennedy that by withholding permits, the president can spook investors, drain projects of funding, and then conveniently claim to be blameless if the terminals shut down.

Senator Kennedy also dismissed any supposed environmental rationale for axing these energy jobs. He argued in his op-ed that natural gas has been instrumental in America’s commendable 32% reduction in carbon emissions from 2005 to 2019, all the while generating a whopping 1.4 million manufacturing jobs and slashing families’ heating costs in half. He aptly pointed out that the Biden administration seems to have conveniently forgotten these benefits in their haste to pander to the whims of climate crusaders.

Furthermore, Kennedy emphasized the indispensable role of natural gas in the Biden administration’s environmental endeavors, such as powering electric cars and serving as a dependable backup for wind and solar energy. He even highlighted the European Commission’s acknowledgment of natural gas as a sustainable energy source, underscoring its crucial place in the energy landscape.

In a bold and assertive tone, Kennedy warned of the grievous repercussions that Americans and U.S. allies are bound to face due to this unjustifiable decision. He vowed to obstruct every nominee that President Biden seeks to install at the State and Energy departments until the administration abandons its relentless assault on American energy.

Bringing his fierce resolve to the spotlight, Kennedy likened himself to the Terminator, pledging to persistently thwart the appointment of nominees and draw attention to President Biden’s deliberate destruction of jobs and infringement upon national security in a bid to appease befuddled climate extremists. In a candid interview on Fox News, Kennedy reiterated his unwavering stance, making exceptions only for nominees deemed “crucial.”

Despite the looming prospect of political battles on the horizon, Senator Kennedy remains resolute in his determination to uphold the interests of American energy and, by extension, the livelihoods of countless citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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