Dems Snub Israel for Ukraine: Ally Betrayed for Political Gain

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats showed their true colors and made it clear that they care more about Ukraine than they do about our closest ally, Israel. Despite the House recently passing a standalone bill funding Israel, Senate Democrats objected to the request for unanimous consent to pass the bill. This is just another example of the Democrats’ misplaced priorities.

During his remarks, Senator Roger Marshall highlighted the horrific terrorist attack that Hamas carried out against Israel, where 1,400 innocent Israelis lost their lives. It was the bloodiest day in Israel’s history since the Holocaust. Marshall raised the important question of what message it sends to our ally when we delay providing them with crucial aid after such an attack.

Marshall also pointed out the connection between Hamas and Iran, who provided assistance to the terrorist group. It is imperative that we send a message to Iran and its proxies that we will not allow their hatred and evil to spread. The bill Marshall proposed would have provided $14.3 billion to Israel, including funding for the Iron Dome defense system and additional resources to protect U.S. embassies.

But why did Senate Democrats object to this bill? Because it didn’t include funding for Ukraine. They care more about giving a blank check to Ukraine than they do about Israel’s well-being. It’s astonishing how they prioritize Ukraine over our strongest ally in the Middle East.

Furthermore, the Biden administration has already been heavily criticized for sending aid to Gaza, despite knowing that Hamas often seizes control of it. Yet Democrats continue to push for aid to Gaza, putting politics ahead of the safety and security of Israel.

Senator JD Vance also called out the Democrats’ hypocrisy in using Israel as a “political fig leaf” for their Ukraine policy. He emphasized that the conflicts in Israel and Ukraine are distinct and should be treated as such. It’s common sense, but apparently, the Democrats lack that.

The Democrats’ obsession with Ukraine was on full display during the Senate debate, as they mentioned Ukraine 77 times and only mentioned Israel half as much. President Biden himself has requested four times the amount for Ukraine than he has for Israel. It’s clear where their priorities lie.

As a conservative, it is disheartening to see the Democrats disregard our ally Israel and prioritize Ukraine instead. Their actions reveal a lack of understanding of the importance of standing with our allies and a dangerous willingness to play politics with our foreign policy. We need leaders who will put America first and prioritize the safety and security of our allies, like Israel.

Written by Staff Reports

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