Dems Warned: Don’t Dangle Israel Aid! Sen. Hawley Talks Gaza, Ukraine

In a recent press conference, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) didn’t hold back in expressing his thoughts on President Joe Biden’s hefty foreign aid package, which totals over $100 billion and includes assistance for Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan, and other regions. As a conservative Republican, Hawley made it clear that his focus lies on securing a standalone bill for Israel, reinforcing his unwavering support for this crucial Middle Eastern ally.

Hawley emphasized that it’s unnecessary to hold up Israeli aid, urging his fellow lawmakers to swiftly pass the bill without delay. With a touch of sarcasm and a hint of exasperation, he quipped, “I mean, let’s get that done. We can come back and talk about all the other things the president wants—Ukraine, Taiwan. Gaza? Absolutely not.”

This statement reveals Hawley’s emphasis on prioritizing aid to Israel and his apparent opposition to providing assistance to other regions. Such a stance is in line with the conservative Republican party’s foreign policy agenda, which tends to focus on supporting strategic allies and promoting American interests abroad.

Hawley’s straightforward and unapologetic approach to discussing foreign aid highlights the divide between Republican and Democratic lawmakers when it comes to allocating resources to different countries. While this debate continues, it’s evident that Hawley remains steadfast in his support for Israel and will push for a standalone bill to ensure its immediate aid delivery.

Written by Staff Reports

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