DERANGED Hillary Claims GOP Plans to STEAL Election in 2024

In an deranged video, Hillary Clinton said that Republicans have a plan to steal the presidential election in 2024. The former first lady and secretary of state made the allegation on a bizarre video.

In the video, she also claims that the Supreme Court is about to give states the power to invalidate presidential elections. This comes in the case of North Carolina’s congressional map, which was invalidated by a state court.

The case, known as Moore v. Harper, could give states the power to alter the results of elections for federal office. According to Clinton, this could lead to the presidential election being decided by Republicans-controlled legislatures.

In 2016, Donald Trump was able to win the presidential election with 304 electoral votes, while Hillary Clinton received 227. Liberals have remained upset about the results because Hillary won more of the popular vote.

After the election, Clinton claimed that the election was stolen. In an interview with CBS News, she compared the loss to her application for a job and having 66 million letters of recommendation that were ignored.

When asked if Trump knew that he was an illegitimate president, she stated that he did. She claimed that there were various reasons behind the election’s results. These included voter suppression and the spread of false stories.

Despite the lack of evidence supporting the allegations of election fraud, Clinton still maintains that the 2016 presidential election was not conducted properly.

Now Crooked Hillary is FEAR MONGERING liberals to prepare them for another republican presiden in 2024.

Written by Staff Reports

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