This GOP Governor Holds A HUGE Lead Ahead Of Midterm Elections

Greg Abbott, the incumbent governor of Texas, has a sizable advantage in the race for re-election.

Greg Abbott (R-Texas) has the support of 52% of likely voters, according to the results of a poll that was published on Monday by Emerson College and The Hill. Beto O'Rourke, his Democratic opponent, received support from 42% of people who were expected to cast a ballot. Only 4% of voters had not made up their minds.

The survey also revealed that a majority of respondents (55%) support Governor Abbott, as opposed to a minority of respondents (45%) who support O'Rourke.

The survey was carried out beginning on the 17th and ending on the 19th of October. We polled one thousand people who voted in the general election. The inaccuracy might be as high as three percentage points.

The state of the economy is the primary factor influencing voters' decisions. 45 percent of those who participated in the survey identified the current status of the economy as the most pressing problem.

In return, Abbott has pledged to ensure that Texas's economy continues to thrive.

Abbott stated that companies are migrating here and small businesses are growing, both of which offer employment opportunities throughout the state of Texas and give everyone a chance to continue to be successful. As your Governor, I will make it my priority to guarantee that the state of Texas continues to prosper.

During the weekend, the 45th President Donald J. Trump encouraged his fans in south Texas to vote for Governor Greg Abbott and the other candidates he has endorsed.

The first day of early voting begins on Monday in Texas and continues through November 4th.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on OAN.

Written by Staff Reports

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