DeSantis Defends Florida: Fights Influx of Haitian Refugees & Rescues Stranded Americans!

In the chaos of Haiti, with violence taking over, the Sunshine State’s very own Governor Ron DeSantis is making moves to protect his Floridian constituents from potential waves of Haitian refugees and criminals trying to break U.S. immigration laws. DeSantis isn’t messing around!

DeSantis isn’t just sitting back and watching, he’s taking action – like authorizing daring rescue missions for stranded Americans in Haiti. That’s the kind of leader we need, folks! The first flight is already on its way back, packed with grateful Americans rescued from the mayhem.

And it doesn’t stop there. DeSantis is sending state resources down south to fend off any unwelcome visitors. Fish and Wildlife officers down in Florida intercepted a boatload of troublemakers carrying illegal firearms, drugs, and night goggles. Yikes! Kudos to DeSantis for protecting his turf.

In a recent chat with conservative firebrand Dana Loesch, DeSantis hinted that Florida might just ship any incoming Haitian refugees straight to Martha’s Vineyard. Can you believe the nerve of some politicians? But hey, if DeSantis says no to refugees, he means it. He’s not about to roll out the red carpet for illegal immigrants.

Now, when squad member Ayanna Pressley got all riled up about DeSantis’ plan, accusing him of exploiting families in need, she showed her true colors. DeSantis is being practical – trying to enforce the law and keep Florida safe. But Pressley and her pals? They’re just talking the talk without walking the walk.

DeSantis isn’t playing games when it comes to protecting Florida. And folks like Pressley, well, they’re all talk and no action. The Governor’s actions may not sit well with the left, but hey, that’s just tough luck. DeSantis is putting his state first and that’s exactly what a leader should do.

Written by Staff Reports

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