DeSantis Duo Fights Woke Ideology, Champions Parental Rights in Illinois Invasion

Governor Ron DeSantis is taking his pro-parents’ rights message beyond the borders of Florida, and the latest stop on the campaign trail was in Illinois. First Lady Casey DeSantis made a bold appearance at a fundraiser in Quincy, where she met with grassroots leaders and members of Moms for Liberty. This group of courageous moms has been fighting against oppressive mask mandates imposed by Democratic Governor JB Pritzker, who seems more interested in promoting woke ideology than protecting our children.

The situation in Illinois has become so dire that many parents have resorted to drastic measures to ensure their children receive a proper education. Some have withdrawn their kids from public schools and enrolled them in private institutions, while others have embraced homeschooling. It’s a sad state of affairs when parents feel compelled to take these steps to safeguard their children from harmful indoctrination.

Moms for Liberty has faced backlash from the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for their valiant efforts. The SPLC, known for labeling any conservative organization they disagree with as a hate group, equated Moms for Liberty with groups like the KKK. This biased and baseless accusation exposes the agenda-driven nature of the SPLC. Furthermore, there are suspicions that the Biden administration may have colluded with the SPLC to target parents who dare to challenge the left’s narrative. It’s a frightening thought that our government would conspire against concerned parents who only seek to protect their children.

The event featuring Casey DeSantis received resounding support from Moms for Liberty members in attendance. They thanked her for standing up for their children’s rights and acknowledged the necessity of suing Governor Pritzker to protect their freedoms. It is heartening to see leaders like Casey DeSantis championing the cause of parental empowerment and the wellbeing of our children.

This is just the beginning for Casey DeSantis as she joins her husband on the campaign trail. The couple plans to connect with local chapters of Moms for Liberty not only in Illinois but also in Philadelphia, where they will participate in the Moms for Liberty summit. Governor DeSantis will deliver remarks and engage in meaningful discussions at the event. It is clear that the DeSantis’ share the concerns of these parents and are fully committed to putting an end to the sexualization of our nation’s children.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s recent inquiry into the DeSantis campaign’s involvement with Moms for Liberty is laughable. Press Secretary Bryan Griffin quickly dismissed their absurdity, reminding everyone that they proudly stand alongside this group of brave parents. If opposing the left’s radical agenda makes them extremists, they wear that title as a badge of honor.

Casey DeSantis has been an integral part of her husband’s political career, particularly during his successful reelection bid. Leading the Mamas for DeSantis coalition played a crucial role in securing his victory. As they embark on the presidential campaign, Casey DeSantis continues to be Ron DeSantis’ secret weapon, bringing her enthusiasm and dedication to the campaign trail. Together, as young parents raising three children, they are a formidable force fighting for the rights of parents and the future of our great nation.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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