DeSantis Slams Disney’s Dark Side: Is He Right or Just Risking Votes?

Willie Geist, a regular contributor to MSNBC, criticized Ron DeSantis, the Republican candidate for governor of Florida, for saying that Disney is "sexualizing" kids. He claimed that voters from other parts of the country would not understand DeSantis' message.

The comments made by Geist were in response to the statement made by Congressman Ron DeSantis about Disney's negative influence on kids. He noted that the company is accused of sexualizing young kids. The host then claimed that Americans aren't getting the DeSantis' statement. Disney's latest movie is "Little Mermaid."

Ron DeSantis' stance on Disney is not easy to understand, especially for people who may not know what he's talking about. He is not shy about speaking up for what he thinks, and if he starts talking about how Disney sexuallyizes young kids during a debate with Joe Biden, it may well turn off voters in areas such as Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Atlanta.

Joe Scarborough, a regular contributor to MSNBC, stated that DeSantis is a better candidate than Donald Trump due to how competent he is. He claimed that if DeSantis can learn how to get out of his way, he can beat the former president.

Before a law that restricted teachers from discussing sexual and gender theories with their students was signed into law, Disney criticized the legislation. The liberal media and politicians then used the law as a way to label it as the "Don't Say Gay" law. DeSantis then tried to have Disney's special status in the state revoked.

It's clear that even those who may not understand what DeSantis is talking about will still support him. DeSantis is expected to continue fighting for what's right, and it's possible that he could become the next Republican candidate for president. Conservatives from all around the country have praised his efforts.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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