DHS Caught in Devious Censorship Web – Shocking Details Here!

The DHS outsourced its censorship efforts to third parties, and according to a report by a House Judiciary Committee staff member, the agency's CISA officials acknowledged that their operations were unconstitutional. Despite the DHS' claims that it respects individual rights, the report showed that the agency was still operating in a way that violated these rights.

This report details how the DHS circumvents the First Amendment by outsourcing its censorship operations. The agency wanted to turn the Internet Security Center into a proxy for the CISA in suppressing information.

The CISA scrubbed their website's listings about domestic operations to obscure their involvement in the curation of information. The government also tried to conceal its involvement by carrying out a cover-up operation. In addition, the agency still hasn't provided adequate evidence to comply with a subpoena.

The information curation process was also used to implement policies that the officials deemed inappropriate. One official noted that due to the operations, public discourse had become more accepting of malinformation.

The information curation process also extended to other countries. For instance, the US paid to suppress information in Germany during the elections. This operation was carried out through the Alliance for Democracies, which is a collaboration between the CIA and the State Department.

The report shows how the state has erected a complex web of censorship tools that can be used to suppress dissent. This is a threat that undermines the free speech that democracy is built on.

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