DNC’s Rigged Primaries Backfire: Biden on Thin Ice as RFK Jr Rises

The Democratic Party has once again made a poor decision by manipulating the primary schedule in favor of Joe Biden. This is not the first time that the DNC has done this, and it will likely fail.

South Carolina was supposed to be the first in the nation when it came to primary elections, followed by Nevada, New Hampshire, Georgia, and Michigan. The goal of this strategy was to make these states more representative of the Democratic Party's diversity, but it might actually hurt Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race.

According to an article by Axios, New Hampshire and Iowa may defy the DNC's schedule and hold primaries on a regular basis, which means that Biden may not be on the ballot in the two states. Robert Kennedy Jr., a long-shot candidate for the Democratic Party, may be able to win both of these elections, which would embarrass the president.

The Democratic National Committee's attempt to influence the primary schedule in favor of Joe Biden has backfired. It's ironic that the Democrats are against democracy when they think that it can threaten their power. Their actions could cause Biden to lose in the primaries.

Source: Red State


Written by Staff Reports

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