Do Trump Indictments Ever Sleep? The Groundhog Day Saga Continues!

The constant barrage of news stories about Donald Trump and Hunter Biden facing new indictments and Special Counsels feels like living in the movie Groundhog Day, where everything keeps repeating. It’s as if Sonny and Cher are belting out “I got you babe” on a loop. It’s getting old, to say the least.

In the latest round of charges, Trump is being targeted under the Georgia RICO Act, which has historically been used to go after organized crime. But let’s be real here—Trump’s presidency was far from organized. It was more like controlled chaos with no cohesive strategy or collusions. Just look at the disastrous rollouts of his immigration executive orders.

The real reason behind using RICO is to cast a wide net and squeeze people to turn state’s evidence. They’re hoping to catch Trump and a select few others in the process. It’s a fishing expedition with a political agenda.

Meanwhile, Trump is promising to reveal a new report that supposedly proves the 2020 election was rigged. But Republican Governor Brian Kemp isn’t buying it. He rightly points out that for three years, no one has presented any evidence of fraud in court. He stands by the fact that Georgia’s elections are secure, accessible, and fair.

The truth is, if Trump had any legitimate evidence, he could have shown it already. But the more we hear from the people indicted and involved, the clearer it becomes that they don’t believe his claims. Brian Kemp, Mike Pence, Bill Barr, and many others in Trump’s own administration saw through his bluster and found no merit in his baseless allegations.

Let’s face it: Trump lost because he was a weak candidate who couldn’t win over key states. And his hand-picked candidates didn’t fare any better in 2022. Trump’s whole election fraud narrative is just a distraction from his own failures.

Now, the Georgia case may not be a slam dunk from a legal perspective. The prosecutors are getting creative with their interpretation of the law. But the real purpose here is to hinder Trump’s chances in 2024. It keeps him in the spotlight during the GOP primaries, alienates independent and suburban voters, and forces him to spend his campaign dollars on legal fees.

Brian Kemp is absolutely right. 2024 is a critical election for the future of our country. We need a candidate who can move past the 2020 election, build a winning coalition, and bring the Republican Party back from the damage done during the Trump era. Trump is incapable of that, and the more he’s involved in these lawsuits, the less appealing he becomes to voters.

It’s time to break free from this never-ending cycle. We need a change, and we need it soon. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck in this political Groundhog Day, desperately trying to avoid driving off a cliff with a groundhog at the wheel.

Written by Staff Reports

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