Doctor’s License Axed for Daring to Question COVID-19 Vaccines!

In Ohio, Sherri Tenpenny, a doctor, had her license suspended by the state's medical board after she criticized the use of COVID-19 vaccines. According to the board, she refused to cooperate after she testified before the lawmakers. A state official claimed that Tenpenny's refusal to cooperate was due to her subjective and unsupported belief regarding the board's investigation.

Medical professionals can be disciplined by the board if they fail to cooperate during an investigation.

In response to the allegations, Dr. Tenpenny said she had cooperated with the board and had responded in a legally and appropriately manner.

She stated that she was frustrated by the board's claim that she had refused to cooperate. She also suggested that they were simply not happy with her answers.

Thomas Renz, her lawyer, argued that she was not cooperative because of the board's bad faith and unjustified attempt to take away her constitutional rights and livelihood. He claimed that she would challenge the suspension in court.

Following Dr. Tenpenny's testimony before a state legislative committee, the board started investigating her. She claimed that the use of vaccines for COVID-19 could cause people to become magnets. She also mentioned other side effects, such as inflammation of the heart.

The board is looking into whether Tenpenny violated the Medical Practices Act. According to the law, it has the power to investigate evidence that could show that a doctor had violated this act.

The suspension of Tenpenny's license was based on her refusal to cooperate with investigators, not the specific charges that they made against her. According to her lawyer, the board was not happy about going to court to force her to cooperate, as it could potentially make the process inconvenient. He suggested that the government should enact new laws to address this issue.

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