DOJ Launches New Boeing Probe: Sky-High Scandal Brewing?

It’s all happening in the skies, folks! The Department of Justice is all up in Boeing’s business again with a full-blown criminal investigation into the door plug blowout on a Boeing 737 MAX 9 that went down in January. Yeah, you heard it right. The DOJ is sniffing around to see if Boeing played by the rules after coughing up a whopping $2.5 billion to settle a major investigation into the safety of these planes. Can you say, “uh-oh”?

And get this, they’re even talking to passengers, flight attendants, and pilots who were on that Alaska Airlines flight when it had to do a 180 back to Portland International Airport. Seems like the feds are leaving no stone unturned in this high-flying drama. Alaska Airlines is singing the same old tune, saying they’re innocent as can be and just minding their own business. But when Uncle Sam comes calling, you better believe they’re going to spill the beans.

But wait, there’s more! The National Transportation Safety Board is throwing shade at Boeing, accusing them of stonewalling the investigation. Chairwoman Jennifer Homendy is giving Boeing some serious side-eye for not coughing up the goods. She’s saying they’re playing hard to get with those vital documents she needs. But, you know Boeing, they’re acting like the dog that ate the homework, saying they either already gave ’em the goods or the goods just don’t exist.

And as if that wasn’t enough turbulence for one news cycle, we’ve got another Boeing blunder to add to the mix. Just the other day, a United Airlines flight lost a tire during takeoff and had to do the old switcheroo to Los Angeles International Airport. It’s like a real-life thriller movie up there in the clouds, folks!

So, buckle up, because it looks like Boeing is in for another wild ride with the long arm of the law hot on their tail. And who knows what other high-flying hijinks are in store for this flying circus!

Written by Staff Reports

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