DOJ’s Shock Move: Pro-Life Prayer Equals 11 Years Behind Bars?

In a startling development, a group of pro-life demonstrators now faces the possibility of up to 11 years in federal prison for their peaceful protest outside a Tennessee abortion clinic. The Department of Justice (DOJ) has taken an unprecedented step by invoking a federal law originally crafted to combat Ku Klux Klan activities following the Civil War. This move has ignited fury among conservative Republicans, who perceive the activists as unfairly targeted for their convictions.

The demonstrators, who were engaged in peaceful prayer and hymn singing during their protest, have been charged with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. While this misdemeanor charge carries hefty fines and a maximum one-year prison term, the DOJ has escalated matters by levying the more severe "conspiracy against rights" charge, commonly referred to as the "KKK Act," which could entail a ten-year sentence. Such a heavy-handed approach is widely interpreted as an effort to silence and intimidate pro-life advocates.


The DOJ's application of the conspiracy against rights statute, enacted in 1870 to safeguard citizens from Ku Klux Klan terror, has raised considerable concern. Critics decry the administration's use of this law to target pro-life activists, highlighting a departure from its original intent.

Under the Biden administration, the DOJ has explicitly expressed its intention to intensify prosecutions under the FACE Act, particularly in response to the Supreme Court's reversal of the Roe v. Wade ruling. This aggressive stance is perceived as an endeavor to quell the pro-life movement and deter its activities.

Critics contend that while the FACE Act was designed to protect all parties involved in reproductive health services, the DOJ's enforcement appears disproportionately focused on pro-life demonstrators. Additionally, the DOJ's failure to address attacks on pregnancy resource centers and churches has raised questions about equal treatment under the law.

The DOJ's utilization of conspiracy against rights alongside the FACE Act in recent prosecutions has elicited outrage, with accusations of excessive and selective enforcement aimed at stifling pro-life advocates. This strategy is viewed as a calculated effort to intimidate and dissuade pro-life activism, encroaching on constitutional rights.

Conservative legal experts argue that the legitimacy of the FACE Act has been called into question following the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision, which nullified the federal "right" to abortion. They assert that the law is no longer constitutionally viable and stand prepared to challenge it in the Supreme Court. Republican lawmakers have also called for the repeal of the FACE Act, denouncing it as an unconstitutional federal overreach infringing on states' rights.

In response to the ongoing persecution of pro-life activists, former President Donald Trump has pledged to review and potentially pardon or commute the sentences of those unjustly targeted by the Biden administration. This commitment has buoyed hopes among conservatives that justice will prevail for those defending their beliefs.

Ultimately, the DOJ's aggressive pursuit of pro-life demonstrators has ignited widespread backlash from conservative Republicans, who perceive it as an encroachment on individuals' fundamental rights to peacefully express their convictions. The conflict between the pro-life movement and the Biden administration shows no signs of abating, with both sides gearing up for a legal battle that could ultimately reach the Supreme Court.

Written by Staff Reports

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