Trump’s Loyalty Crusade: Scouting 2024 “Shock Troops”

In 2017, former President Donald Trump held a meeting where he asked his aides and advisers if they were loyal to him. He wanted to make sure that he had a team of people who would support his decisions and help him achieve his goals. However, it seems that not all of his aides and advisers were willing to pledge their loyalty to him. Some of them chose to prioritize their own reputation or the Constitution over their allegiance to Trump. This disappointment has led Trump to search for what his former adviser, Steve Bannon, called “shock troops” – a group of fiercely loyal individuals who will support Trump no matter what.

Throughout his time in office, Trump has been fixated on loyalty, often criticizing those who did not support him wholeheartedly. He has praised individuals who endorsed him, even after dropping out of the race, while taking jabs at former allies who chose to run against him. Now, as Trump looks ahead to a potential 2024 presidential run, he is focused on building a team of unwavering supporters who will help him achieve his agenda.

Conservative groups are already working to identify and train potential appointees who are loyal to Trump. The Association of Republican Presidential Appointees is hosting a boot camp to prepare individuals for serving in a future Trump administration. Similarly, the Heritage Foundation has launched Project 2025 to equip potential appointees with the skills needed to support Trump’s agenda from day one. These efforts are seen as a way to ensure that any future Trump administration will be staffed with individuals who are dedicated to supporting the former president’s vision.

Amid these preparations, some former White House officials are concerned about the potential implications of a second Trump administration. Some worry that a focus on loyalty above all else could lead to negative outcomes, while others have drawn parallels between Trump’s demands for loyalty and the power struggles depicted in popular culture, like the television series Game of Thrones.


Written by Staff Reports

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