DOJ’s Smirnov Blunder Exposes Bidens, Not GOP Drive!

The House GOP’s impeachment push against President Biden hit a snag with the news that key witness Alexander Smirnov got indicted by the Department of Justice. This month, Smirnov faced charges for making false claims about Burisma executives paying Joe and Hunter Biden. The liberal media and the Democratic Party are capitalizing on this development, portraying it as a fatal blow to the GOP’s impeachment efforts and a sign of ongoing Russian interference in US elections.

Let’s set the record straight here. The real collusion story is not about President Biden, but rather the Democrats’ desperate attempt to revive the discredited Russian collusion narrative. They’ve been licking their wounds since their last election loss, and now they see an opportunity to peddle this myth once again. It’s a sad state of affairs that there are still enough liberals out there who buy into this nonsense.

But the indictment of Smirnov actually backfires on the Democrats and their allies in the Department of Justice. It shines a light on the DOJ’s interference in IRS investigations into Hunter Biden, revealing their questionable tactics to protect the president’s son from serious charges. The mounting evidence against the Biden family’s alleged corrupt dealings far outweighs whatever Smirnov is being accused of.

Conservative commentators have raised serious concerns about the timing and handling of Smirnov’s indictment. They question why the DOJ suddenly turned on a witness who had been deemed reliable for 14 years, suggesting a political motive behind the decision. It’s clear that this is just another example of the Justice Department being weaponized for political purposes.

Moreover, the indictment of Smirnov raises further questions about the competence and integrity of Special Counsel David Weiss and his team. The evidence presented against Smirnov appears shaky at best, and it’s not surprising that many are calling for Weiss’s impeachment. It’s a troubling sign of the partisan and incompetent handling of this case.

The real scandal here is not about Smirnov, but about the DOJ’s failure to thoroughly investigate the Biden family’s alleged influence-peddling. The evidence implicating them in corrupt activities is being swept under the rug while the department focuses on taking down a key witness. This is just another example of the deep-seated corruption within the DOJ and its blatant bias in favor of the Democratic Party.

The truth is, the Smirnov indictment does not change the overwhelming evidence pointing to the Biden family’s unethical dealings. It’s time to hold the DOJ and its officials accountable for their partisan actions and demand a fair and transparent investigation into the Biden bribery allegations. The American people deserve better than this political circus orchestrated by the Democrats and their allies in the Justice Department.

Written by Staff Reports

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