Dramatic Truth Bomb: Colorado Superintendent Reveals School Security Blunder Costs Lives

The tragic consequences of prioritizing politics over safety are evident. Due to the ongoing issue of school massacres, real individuals are suffering because local and state governments are more focused on ineffective laws instead of safeguarding our students.

Recently, there has been a contentious debate in the Denver Public Schools district in Colorado regarding the presence of police officers on campus. In response to nationwide protests against police mistreatment of people of color, the school board unanimously voted in 2020 to remove police officers from 18 middle and high schools. Similar actions were taken by anti-police and anti-gun activists in other school districts across the country, capitalizing on the tragedy of George Floyd's murder.

However, a series of violent incidents, including a student being shot outside East High School and a student shooting another student inside the school, has generated anxiety and led to demands from parents, teachers, and students to reinstate campus police. After months of deliberation and community meetings, the school board voted 4-3 to bring back armed officers. While this decision recognizes that it won't please everyone, it underscores the urgent need to address the increasing gun violence and ensure the safety of students and staff.

Alex Marrero, superintendent of the Denver Public Schools, personally witnessed the devastating effects of these acts of violence when he stood beside the hospital bed of a 14-year-old student who was shot outside East High School by a stray bullet. Marrero was deeply affected by this incident and contemplated what it would take for the school board to reconsider its decision to remove police officers.

Discovering that armed personnel could have prevented these tragic events is heart-wrenching. While politicians and activists advocating for gun control continue to push for the disarmament of the general public, innocent children are needlessly losing their lives. It is crucial to prioritize the safety of our students by employing armed security personnel on campus and implementing comprehensive security measures.

Armed security personnel offer an immediate response to crisis situations and act as a visible deterrent to potential attackers. Their mere presence can make potential assailants think twice about their malicious intentions. By having trained professionals who can rapidly respond to emergencies, we can save lives and mitigate the harm caused.

Mass shooters aim to cause the highest number of casualties and are less likely to carry out their plans if they believe they will be stopped. Armed campus security officers give students a fighting chance and enhance their chances of survival.

Furthermore, security measures that go beyond gun control legislation address the underlying causes of school massacres and allow for a comprehensive prevention approach. This includes implementing threat assessment protocols to identify and intervene with students displaying concerning behavior or indicators of potential violence. Enhanced access control systems like metal detectors and surveillance cameras can assist in identifying and preventing weapons from entering a school.

It is encouraging to see that school districts in conservative-leaning states are investing in security measures to ensure the safety of their students. Meanwhile, school districts in states with a liberal-leaning inclination appear more focused on disarming law-abiding citizens rather than ensuring the protection of their students. The time has come to prioritize problem-solving over political distractions and safeguard the lives of our children.

Written by Staff Reports

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