Durham Exposes FBI’s Fatal Flaws in Russia Hoax, Dems Panic

Finally, the truth is coming to light about the FBI’s botched investigation into the fake Russian collusion hoax. Special Counsel John Durham testified publicly for the first time, revealing the shocking and sobering fact that the FBI’s conduct was riddled with fatal flaws. These flaws included a lack of investigative discipline, biased actions, and a complete disregard for protocol.

Durham stated that if these issues are not addressed, they could result in significant national security risks. This is a serious problem that needs to be remedied immediately. However, there are no quick fixes to the problems identified in this report. What is required is accountability, Durham emphasized. The people responsible for these transgressions must be held accountable for their actions.

It’s clear that Durham and his team carried out their work in good faith and with integrity. Despite attempts by Democrats to smear the investigation as being partisan, Durham reiterated that his team was not comprised of Beltway insiders, but instead made up of individuals from across the United States. His team conducted their work without concern for partisan politics. But still, Democrats on the Judiciary Committee couldn’t resist trying to turn the investigation into a partisan issue.

Despite his findings, Ranking Member Jerrold Nadler made baseless claims that Durham was repeating Trump’s talking points and helping MAGA Republicans. Durham called Nadler’s claims offensive and simply untrue. The investigation didn’t care about political parties. Instead, it focused on getting to the bottom of the violations of law and policy. Serious issues that deserve attention from the American public and its representatives.

It’s important to note that Durham’s probe began years ago, before former President Trump left office and allegedly mishandled classified documents. The final report was issued weeks before anyone knew whether Trump would be indicted. So, Nadler’s assertion requires the suspension of disbelief and reality. The hearing was scheduled weeks before Trump’s indictment was known. Nadler’s scrambling to minimize Durham’s findings with false narratives clearly shows the propaganda-driven agenda of the Democrats.

Durham summarized the findings of his investigations, including that the FBI did not apply the same standards to allegations received about Hillary Clinton’s campaign as were applied to the Trump campaign. The FBI relied on politically funded and uncorroborated information like the Steele Dossier. The FBI leadership ignored concerns raised by lower-level agents. This resulted in a botched investigation that targeted Trump with debunked claims of Russian collusion.

Durham emphasized that Russian election interference does remain a threat. However, responsibility for the failures and transgressions outlined in his probe lies with the people who committed them. It’s time to hold them accountable, and it’s crucial to prevent any future abuses of power by the FBI.

Written by Staff Reports

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