Elon Confirms Twitter Was TARGETING Conservatives With Censorship Program

Twitter used to be an excellent tool for swiftly disseminating news, but the previous management of the network, who were far-left extremists, did a lot of damage to the platform and severely ruined its reputation.

These individuals, such as the company's former CEO Jack Dorsey, took part in events associated with the far left, such as the violent demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri.

The administration of Twitter started blocking conservatives well before the election in 2016, and their anti-conservative bias reached a fever pitch soon after Donald Trump was elected president.

Despite the fact that President Trump became perhaps the most influential user in the history of Twitter, the business removed him and a large number of other conservatives from its site before the beginning of 2021. Since Musk took over Twitter not long ago, the President of the United States and the majority of conservative platforms have been permanently removed.

The justification for booting people off of their site was never clear and was almost always hazy. In the end, the management of Twitter sought to penalize conservatives for standing up for America and helping to make the country great, and as a result, their ability to share their opinions on Twitter was silenced.

Yesterday, Elon Musk provided confirmation that Twitter had a significant bias against conservatives. Musk sent the following tweet in response to Kyle Becker's criticism of Twitter's bias:

Musk has now verified what many of us have suspected for many years. Twitter lets liars and lunatics on the left off the hook, but it relentlessly attacks conservative users.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Gateway Pundit.

Written by Staff Reports

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