Former Trump AG Admits It: The Deep State Exists And It Is VERY Powerful

After a long time, the Deep State was finally revealed during an interview. Follow along with the news as it happens. You can also enable notifications and stay up-to-date with the latest news by tapping the subscribe button.

Bill Barr, who was the attorney general at the time, admitted on television that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

According to William Barr, the Deep State is made up of individuals who are motivated by political agendas. These individuals serve in positions of power and are not above pursuing their own interests.

During an interview, Barr was asked about his first experience as the attorney general under George Bush, who was the CIA's previous director.

Donald Trump has recently declared war on the globalist sellouts, and the deep state.

Trump claimed that his administration had put an end to the one-sided trade deals and globalist sellouts.

The media immediately attacked Trump for using the term “globalists” and called it antisemitic.

Liam Stack, a reporter for the New York Times, said that Trump used the term globalist sellouts during his speech. In 2016, he had written a story about how the term had been used by anti-government and anti-semite conspiracy theorists.

The fight for the country's return to the Republic is a battle that is being fought by politicians who are passionate about the America First agenda. They are calling out the deep state and the establishment elites in order to get rid of them from every aspect of government. We can also help them by being vocal and calling out when things go against the country's free and fair government.

We must hold our elected officials responsible for their actions when it comes to globalist policies. Trump 2024!

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