Libs Try Smearing DeSantis With This Absurd Accusation

The rise of Ron DeSantis and the increasing popularity of Florida's governor have led to an increase in the number of attacks against him. These are mainly due to how he has presented a better example of what a conservative leadership style is like than that of the leftists.

These attacks have been mainly focused on his military record. One of the latest accusations against him is that he was a "torturer" during the time of George W. Bush's presidency. A former detainee of the infamous detention facility known as Gitmo claimed that DeSantis was a regular participant in torture.

The negative reaction on social media was not surprising. Many people praised DeSantis for his military record and said that this made him a better leader. Others noted that he was right to apprehend the suspect.

The accusations against the governor are not focused on world events such as the beheadings of journalists or the capture of prisoners. An allegation that DeSantis used force to end a hunger strike by force feeding a prisoner is hardly relevant to the current situation.

Even if the accusations are true, who gives a damn about the person who lives at Gitmo? DeSantis would be a popular figure if he were to make these claims, and Trump would have no chance now.

Some people doubted the allegations and said that they would not care about them unless the man who was accused of committing the crimes was truly innocent.

After placing a noose around his neck, DeSantis said that "MAGA country" was being represented by him while a pubic hair was placed in a coca cola by Supreme Court Justice Thomas.

The people trying to find something about Ron DeSantis are doing so desperately. Did he force him to watch SheHulk? That kind of torture should be prohibited by the UN.

I would never take the word of a terrorist being held in custody lightly. The left is predictable, just like Trump and the hookers in Moscow. That said, it did turn out well.

According to RedState, what DeSantis is accused of doing to the former Gitmo detainee would not be considered torture by most people.

The accusations are absurd, and we can't discuss the actual details of the case. According to the former prisoner, DeSantis authorized the force feeding of him during his hunger strike. He also claimed that the governor would often laugh while the feedings were taking place. The former inmate stated that the governor saved a man's life by saving him from committing suicide.

The false claims about the governor's alleged torture of a terrorist have reportedly backfired, as it has increased his popularity among the base.

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