Elon Musk Appears to Switch Sides From DeSantis to Ramaswamy

Just a few months ago, Elon Musk was throwing his support behind GOP candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis. But now, it seems that Musk has had a change of heart and is getting cozy with 2024 candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. During a recent interview on Twitter Spaces, Musk showered Ramaswamy with compliments, calling him a “very promising candidate.” The two billionaires also found common ground in their frustration with the elite’s anti-American efforts, which they deemed “insane.”

Ramaswamy took the opportunity to express his concern about the future of the American dream, criticizing progressive Democrats for their “self-destructive” actions that undermine the Constitution. He shared his worry that his own sons may never have the opportunity to achieve the American dream as long as Democrats are in power. Ramaswamy even admitted that he hadn’t initially planned on running for president, but was motivated by the lack of candidates who were “running to something” rather than “running from something.”

It’s interesting to note that Musk had previously thrown his support behind DeSantis, but as the governor’s campaign sinks in the polls, he seems to be reconsidering his options. DeSantis’s troubles began early on with technical difficulties during his Twitter Spaces event, and he has since taken a backseat to former President Trump in the polls. Despite attempts to revamp his campaign, DeSantis has failed to gain traction, and even big-name donors have started to shift their support to other candidates.

Meanwhile, Ramaswamy has been steadily gaining ground in the polls, surpassing DeSantis in popularity. In a recent Rasmussen poll, Trump still holds a strong lead with 60 percent of support from GOP primary voters, but Ramaswamy is making a name for himself as a serious contender. With leaked debate prep materials advising DeSantis to go on the attack against Ramaswamy during their upcoming debate, it’s clear that the governor is feeling the pressure.

It’s an intriguing turn of events to see Musk aligning himself with Ramaswamy, a relatively new player in the political arena. This could be a sign of shifting support and a growing dissatisfaction with DeSantis’s campaign. Only time will tell how this race unfolds, but one thing is for sure – the GOP primary is far from over, and the contenders are ready to battle it out for the nomination.

Written by Staff Reports

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