Elon Musk Crowns Rising GOP Star as ‘Memer of Congress’: How Collins is Shaking Washington!

US Rep. Mike Collins, a rising star in the Republican party, recently showed off the ultimate stocking stuffer he received from none other than Elon Musk, the mastermind CEO of X and Tesla. Collins took to social media to express his gratitude, posting a video of a snazzy nameplate from the X headquarters that declared him the “Memer of Congress.” The nameplate, adorned with the iconic X logo, now proudly sits on Collins’ congressional desk, a constant reminder of his meme-posting prowess.

Collins, who gained attention during the search for a new House speaker, has been using his meme game to engage with a wider audience. His online following has soared to over 20,000 followers on his congressional X account, thanks in part to his attention-grabbing content.

Even though Collins didn’t support the ousting of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, he managed to keep the atmosphere light with his humorous posts during the shake-up. Concerned about the potential impact of McCarthy’s early departure, Collins voiced his worries about the Republican Party’s majority in the House.

In addition to showcasing his meme skills on social media, Collins threw his hat into the ring for the position of Republican conference vice chairman. Although he fell short in the election, it’s clear that his influence and presence in the party are growing.

As the buzz around the congressman’s newfound title as the “Memer of Congress” continues to spread, it’s being seen as a playful yet powerful symbol of his ability to engage with constituents in the digital age. The ongoing dialogue about this Christmas gift has piqued the interest of many, and it’s no surprise that both Collins and Musk are being sought for comment.

Written by Staff Reports

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