Elon Triggers CNN With Epic Meme

CNN responded to Elon Musk after he posted a meme on Monday that mocked the network's coverage of his Twitter account.

The meme featured a photo of a "report," which was a clearly photoshopped image of Don Lemon

An anchor for CNN. The network's public relations account responded to Musk's post on Twitter.

Since the picture was not real, Musk simply responded to CNN with "Lmaoooo." CNN, on the other hand, had a segment on "Reliable Sources" where David Zurawik discussed the need for regulations concerning social media. During this segment, Zurawik noted that the US could follow the European Union's example and implement censorship laws similar to those in place in the country.

He noted that if the government doesn't regulate social media, the country might end up in "hell." "You can't let Musk control discourse in this country," Zurawik said, adding that Trump has opened the gates of hell.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town Hall.

Written by Staff Reports

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