Epstein’s Scandalous Island Embraces $60M Cinderella Transformation!

Little St. James, famously known as “Pedophile Island,” has undergone a dramatic transformation under its new owner, billionaire Stephen Deckoff. Deckoff, the co-founder of Black Diamond Capital Management, purchased the island in May for $60 million, a figure significantly lower than the original asking price. The New York Post recently shared exclusive pictures of the island’s new look.

While the original buildings remain mostly intact, they have received some additions and notable paint job changes. The temple building, previously adorned with blue stripes, has undergone a complete makeover and is now nearly unrecognizable. Instead of its previous medieval-style lock and forbidding wooden doors, the temple has been remodeled into an outdoor patio with a fire pit, primed for DJ sets.

Additional changes to the island include new deck chairs surrounding a pool and the presence of a couple of inflatable swans. Deckoff’s plans for the island involve turning it into a luxury resort and hotel, complete with other related attractions. Surprisingly, he has chosen to maintain the original buildings and renovate and repurpose them, rather than demolishing and rebuilding.

Epstein, the notorious billionaire who previously owned the island, purchased Little St. James in 1998 for approximately $8 million. He later acquired Great St. James in 2016 for an additional $20 million. While Epstein invested in developing Little St. James, he neglected the second island. His brother, Mark Epstein, described the island as “sh***y” when Jeffrey initially acquired it. However, he worked on transforming it into his vision of a Polynesian paradise, complete with palm trees and various amenities.

According to Mark Epstein, his brother bought the second island mainly to prevent anyone else from building something he wouldn’t approve of nearby. Jeffrey was particular about his view from the smaller island, fearing that the arches of a McDonald’s restaurant would come into his line of sight if someone else purchased Great St. James.

While Epstein’s associates and their names have recently made headlines, many of these names were already public knowledge. Additional names yet to be released belong to Epstein’s victims. The island’s new owner, Stephen Deckoff, now has ambitious plans to turn the sordid history of “Pedophile Island” into a luxurious and sought-after destination. Time will tell how successful he will be in rebranding this infamous location.

Written by Staff Reports

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