EU Border Chief Waves White Flag on Immigration Control

The European Union’s Frontex border agency just can’t seem to make up its mind when it comes to illegal migration! According to Hans Leijtens, the big shot executive director of the agency, there’s just no way Europe can stop all those sneaky migrants from slipping in. He’s even suggesting that the EU should start embracing a more open borders approach. You heard that right, folks – he wants to roll out the welcome mat for anyone and everyone who wants to stroll on in, no questions asked!

In an interview with the German Welt am Sonntag newspaper, Leijtens proclaimed, “Nothing can stop people from crossing a border, no wall, no fence, no sea, no river.” It’s like he’s given up already! He’s also whining about all the “superficial preoccupation” and “alarmism” over those masses of foreigners barging in without so much as a polite knock. Apparently, Leijtens thinks that we should just chill out and let everyone in for a big group hug.

Not only does Mr. Leijtens want to abandon all attempts to keep illegal migrants out, he also aims to shift the entire debate on migration to be less…well, mean. According to him, it’s unfair to judge migrants, and he’s all about finding a “balance between effective border management and compliance with fundamental rights.” In other words, he wants to tiptoe around the issue and avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, because who cares about pesky things like laws and security when it comes to protecting a country’s border, right?

But fear not, fellow conservatives, because there are still some nations in the EU that are taking a stand against this open border madness. Countries like Hungary and Poland are putting up physical barriers to keep those illegal crossings in check. And you know what? It’s actually working! Poland has seen a significant drop in illegal border attempts since putting up those barriers – almost cutting the number of crossings in half! Take that, Mr. Leijtens, and your defeatist “no wall can stop them” attitude.

So, hold onto your boots, folks, because this crazy open borders talk is getting a little too out of hand for us freedom-loving folks. It’s time to stand firm, build those walls, and defend our borders like our ancestors did – with grit, determination, and a healthy dose of common sense. So, here’s to hoping that the anti-mass migration parties in the upcoming European Parliament elections will give these open borders proponents a good reality check!

Written by Staff Reports

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