Even Liberal Rag NYT Doesn’t Want Biden To Run Again

After delivering his State of the Union speech, US President Joe Biden is set to make an announcement regarding his plans for the 2024 presidential race. Although he has a wide support base among Democrats, he has some critics, including members of his own party. On February 6, The New York Times featured an opinion piece by Michelle Goldberg, who called for Biden to not run again.

The piece by Goldberg, which is about Biden, is like a typical Democratic sycophant. She highlights his supposed achievements and attacks the "MAGA movement." This makes her concerns about the former vice president even more relevant.

The issue with Biden's age is that he doesn't look like a young 80. It's astonishing how in-tune she is with his image.

"""There are various arguments for supporting Biden. Apart from his record, he also enjoys the incumbency granted him. Primaries can be bruising affairs, and if Biden were to run again, the Democratic Party would not be able to endure one.

Even though the Democrats have tried to make him look younger, it's still hard to ignore how his years have affected him. Watching him struggle with his words can be hard, especially since his stutter can't be fully explained. Longwell noted that during a focus group, the Democrats talked about how they would hold their breath whenever Biden spoke.

In 2024, Biden will most likely have to campaign in a full-on real-world mode, which would be very taxing for a 60 year old. It's also a near impossibility for an octogenarian."""

Although Donald Trump is 78 years old, Goldberg doesn't think he'll be the Republican candidate in 2024. In that case, the candidate that the Democrats are most concerned about is Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida.

In her piece, Goldberg noted that Biden's potential opponent in 2024 could be someone much younger than him, such as Ron DeSantis. She also noted that the country will be in a state of flux, with the candidates competing for the leadership of a dissatisfied nation. The visual contrast between the two would be devastating for the Democrats.

In her piece, Goldberg refers to various names, but not Kamala Harris. Guy also noted that a report released that day highlighted concerns about Harris becoming the nominee. In this case, she may be open to a primary.

Given the various achievements that Biden has tout, it would be a sign of strength for him to not run for re-election. She concludes her piece by saying that he would be able to make a decision after the time has come.

In addition to this, Monday's opinion piece was not the first time that the outlet has expressed its concerns about Biden. In July, she wrote that he was too old to be president again. The New York Times also published several pieces about Biden's potential candidacy in 2024.

The piece by Goldberg was featured on the Real Clear Politics' Wednesday morning edition.

Despite the various concerns that the media and Democratic voters have about Biden, there are still people who are supporting his potential reelection campaign.

On Wednesday, Jim Clyburn, who is the House Assistant Majority Leader, discussed the speech with CNN. He noted that he thought that Biden's potential candidacy for the presidency in 2024 was starting to take shape.

"During his interview with CNN, Clyburn noted that Biden's speech was full of positive comments, and he was confident that the American people would support him. He also referenced a line from the speech, which he said was a great refrain."

The polls indicate otherwise.

As an 82-year-old, Clyburn is largely credited for helping Biden win the primary in South Carolina in March.

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