Ex-Capitol Police Chief Blows Whistle on Ray Epps in Bombshell Tucker Interview

Capitol Police Chief, Steven Sund, sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson to discuss his observations of the security lapse on January 6th. During the interview, Carlson questioned Sund about figures like Ray Epps, who were seen instigating the crowd but evaded arrest. Carlson expressed his disbelief that individuals like Epps could not be found with the use of facial recognition software.

Sund acknowledged Carlson’s concerns and shared his own thoughts on the matter. He mentioned that Epps was seen near the old executive office building the day before January 6th, actively encouraging people to enter the Capitol. Sund found it suspicious that Epps later appeared at the Pennsylvania Avenue gate, which was a restricted area, leaning and whispering into someone’s ear before that person attacked police officers.

This sequence of events raised many concerns for Sund and he found it suspicious that Epps would cover his mouth while whispering, instead of openly stating that the officers were on their side. Sund questioned why Epps would not want everyone to know that the officers were not to be harmed. He also noted that Epps defended himself on 60 Minutes, claiming that he had told the attacking person not to harm the officers. However, Sund found it odd that Epps chose to cover his mouth and not shout this message to everyone present.

In Sund’s opinion, the tapes of Ray Epps raise significant doubts about why the January 6th Committee is defending him. These questions remain unanswered, leaving many to wonder about the true intentions and actions of those involved on that day.

It is appalling to think that individuals like Ray Epps, who were clearly involved in instigating violence on January 6th, have managed to avoid arrest and face justice. This is just another example of the left protecting their own, while those who did not even enter the Capitol are sitting behind bars. The selective prosecution and defense of certain individuals based on their political affiliations is a clear violation of justice and equality. The January 6th Committee’s defense of Epps is further confirmation that they are more interested in their own political agenda than in uncovering the truth and holding all responsible parties accountable. It is a disgrace and a travesty of justice.

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