Ex-CNN Anchor Eyes GOP Seat: Democracy or Dem Drama?

Former CNN anchor John Avlon has decided to throw his hat in the political ring, announcing his candidacy to challenge Republican New York Rep. Nicholas LaLota in the upcoming election. As a conservative, this news is like a bull in a china shop – unexpected and likely to cause chaos!

Avlon, who recently bid adieu to CNN after a decade and a half of offering up liberal-leaning political analysis, is now seeking to defeat a Republican incumbent. His goal? To “defeat Donald Trump” and rescue democracy! Well, well, well, isn’t that just grandstanding at its finest?

In his announcement, Avlon spewed out the usual liberal talking points about rebuilding the middle class, infrastructure investments, protecting women’s reproductive freedoms (what about protecting the unborn?), and combating climate change (here we go again with the alarmism). It’s like he’s reading straight from the Democrats’ playbook!

The fact that Avlon was advised by former Democratic Rep. Steve Israel should come as no surprise. Birds of a feather flock together, right? And the fact that he is being interviewed by a reporter from Newsday just adds to the circus that is this congressional race. Where are the serious, conservative journalists when you need them?

With Avlon’s history at CNN and The Daily Beast, it’s clear where his political biases lie. His support for removing President Trump from state primary ballots under some obscure clause just shows how desperate the left is to silence opposing voices. This election just got a whole lot more interesting – and not necessarily in a good way!

Written by Staff Reports

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