Ex-ESPN Host Spills Truth Bomb: Has Biden Been Basement-Bound For This?

Sage Steele, a former ESPN host, talked about how President Joe Biden's mental health was getting worse and called him a "terrible president." Steele talked about her interview with the 80-year-old president on Bill Maher's show and said it was one of the "saddest things" she's ever been through.

Steele says Biden had a hard time during the interview. He seemed confused and couldn't finish his words, which is similar to how he acts now, even though he is two years younger. Steele said that the interview took place over the phone, and that there were technical problems that made her have to make small talk while the problem was fixed. Even worse, Biden's camera was hidden by a black screen, so she couldn't even see him until the very last second before the show went live.

Steele said it broke her heart to see the president of the United States's health and mental decline and said the Democratic Party was using him as a puppet. Even more, she said that Biden started bragging about his football career while they were waiting for the computer problems to be fixed, saying that he had "the best hands." Steele couldn't help but wonder why Biden spent so much time in his basement during the election campaign, which made him sound like he was having trouble expressing himself even then.

No holding back, Steele said she didn't vote for Biden and made it clear that she doesn't like him and thinks he hasn't done anything good for the country. She was proud to say that she voted for former President Trump because of his policies and promises for the business, national security, and the United States.

A Pew Research study confirmed what Steele said: less than four in ten U.S. adults are satisfied with Biden's job performance as president, with a clear majority voicing dissatisfaction. Another finding of the study was that only 7% of Republicans and people leaning Republican like Biden. A Yahoo/YouGov study found that two-thirds of Americans, including almost half of Democrats, don't think Biden is healthy enough to serve another four years. This adds to the doubts about his fitness for office.

Sage Steele's first-hand story of Biden's cognitive problems is a stark reminder of why many conservatives have been worried about his mental health. It's disappointing to see a president who seems lost and unable to articulate his ideas clearly. The Democratic Party's continued use of Biden as their leader makes me even more suspicious of their judgment and sense of what's important. It's about time that Americans had a leader who can easily handle the responsibilities of being president and talk to the country clearly.

Written by Staff Reports

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