Ex-Obama Official Busted for Spewing Islamophobic Rants at Vendor

A former national security official from the Obama administration, Stuart Seldowitz, faced severe backlash after a video surfaced of him using Islamophobic language towards a food vendor. The New York City Police Department acted promptly, arresting Seldowitz on charges including hate crime/stalking, second-degree aggravated harassment, stalking causing fear, and stalking at employment. It was a swift and necessary response.

The repercussions extended beyond legal action. Gotham Government Relations, Seldowitz's former employer, swiftly severed all ties with him. Even David Schwartz, the president of the lobbying firm, expressed his dismay and offered pro bono representation to the targeted food vendor should he choose to pursue legal action against Seldowitz. The speed with which those associated with Seldowitz distanced themselves is notable.

In the video, Seldowitz is heard directing offensive slurs at a halal cart vendor, labeling him a "terrorist." The tirade goes further, accusing the vendor of supporting terrorism and callously stating, "If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, you know what? It wasn’t enough." Such reprehensible conduct from someone who once held high positions under Obama underscores the urgency with which Seldowitz should have been removed from such roles.

Seldowitz's past involvement with the State Department’s Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs adds another layer of concern. The fact that an individual with a documented history of Islamophobia and offensive remarks managed to hold such positions underscores the need for stringent vetting processes. It serves as a stark reminder that individuals with extreme views should be prevented from infiltrating vital positions of power.

The swift action taken by the NYPD against Seldowitz is commendable. This incident reinforces the notion that hate has no place in our society, particularly when emanating from someone who previously held a national security position. It should serve as a warning to others that actions rooted in bigotry will not go unpunished.

Written by Staff Reports

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