Exclusive: Senator Blackburn Exposes UN Palestinian Group’s Hamas Cover-Up!

As a sneaky way to protect themselves, the UNRWA sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer denying that Hamas steals aid from the United States. The letter was in response to claims made by Republican Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn and 11 other GOP Senators. The UN group's answer, which was only seen by the Daily Caller, was full of lies and was clearly an attempt to sway public opinion while trying to get Congress to give their questionable organization more money.

The UNRWA tried very hard to hide its links to Hamas, but Blackburn's office saw right through them. That the UN Office for Palestinian Refugees is desperately trying to hide its links to Hamas is clear. As Blackburn correctly pointed out, "we know that UNRWA officials are not only involved with Hamas' terror; they are actively supporting it with tax dollars from the United States." The UNRWA's reaction was just a smoke screen to hide the fact that it was an antisemitic group.

In its letter, UNRWA said that foreign aid sent to Gaza would not be taken away from people who really need it, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken is said to have mentioned that it would be possible to keep track of how the aid was distributed. But Blinken himself said that there would no doubt be some "spillage." Also, don't forget that Hamas has its own fuel reserve, but they don't use it to help people. Instead, they let hospitals battle.

It makes sense for UNRWA to say that they have strict rules in place to keep staff from joining other groups. However, in April 2017, the agency fired their union head in Gaza because they were thought to have ties to Hamas. What the UNRWA calls their "strict framework" doesn't seem to be as reliable as they'd like us to think.

Without a doubt, the UNRWA's letter was full of lies and weak efforts to defend their questionable actions. It's clear that this group that supports Hamas wants to keep getting money, even if it means lying to the American people. Senator Blackburn is right to demand that all money be cut off right away to this dishonest group. In the end, why should American taxpayers give money to a group that helps terrorists?

Written by Staff Reports

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