Explosive Biden Impeachment: GOP’s Duty to Unmask Corruption!

House Republicans Must Hold Joe Biden Accountable for His Corrupt Actions

It’s time for House Republicans to step up and take action against Joe Biden. Despite the reluctance of some weak-willed Republicans like Mitch McConnell, it is crucial that they move forward with impeaching Biden. There is more than enough evidence to support this, including the millions of dollars flowing into Biden family-owned shell companies, suspicious activity reports from multiple banks, and the existence of Joe’s secret email account used to communicate with Hunter Biden.

During the first Trump impeachment, Democrats dismissed any allegations against the Bidens regarding their corruption in Ukraine. However, it is clear that Joe Biden himself admitted to withholding aid from Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor investigating Burisma, a company on which Hunter Biden was shamelessly profiting. The original prosecutor, who was making strides in uncovering the layers of corruption within Burisma, was forced out of his position thanks to Joe Biden’s pressure on Ukraine.

Law professor Jonathan Turley has eloquently explained how the Biden defense in Ukraine has completely collapsed. The snap impeachment pushed by Democrats after the events on January 6 has paved the way for House Republicans to launch a legitimate impeachment effort based on concrete facts and evidence.

In a 2018 interview, Biden openly boasted about using his power to withhold a billion dollars in US aid to force Ukraine to fire the prosecutor. This admission, combined with a State Department memo, suggests that there may have been a quid pro quo involved in the Biden family’s shady dealings. The premise of Biden’s actions was supposedly to combat corruption in Ukraine. However, recent testimony from a business associate of Hunter Biden reveals that the removal of the prosecutor was a top priority for Burisma executives, even influencing Hunter’s actions.

President Biden has attempted to defend his actions by claiming he simply carried out the US government’s anti-corruption policy in Ukraine. But it is imperative that we focus on the close correlation between the money flowing to Hunter Biden and the actions of his father. Trump’s allegations of a conflict of interest were not baseless, and the evidence regarding the Bidens’ involvement in Ukraine should have been thoroughly examined during the first impeachment.

I must make it clear, though, that I believe Trump should not have raised the matter in his call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. While this evidence may not have swayed some senators, it underscores why impeachment proceedings should include proper fact hearings. Unfortunately, the Democrats opted for a “snap impeachment” without even allowing for a hearing on the impeachment standards and articles. Now, the House may find itself forced to hold the hearings they initially blocked, but this time with a different president under scrutiny.

Law professor Turley warned the Democrats about the dangers of pursuing an impeachment without following usual investigative protocols. But they either ignored this advice or believed that the political consequences wouldn’t matter because they were confident in securing GOP votes in the Senate to convict Trump.

Furthermore, new information has come to light from an FBI informant stating that the Bidens were paid a staggering $10 million in 2015-2016, with discussions implying the legal protection that Burisma sought through Hunter’s presence on its board.

It is high time that House Republicans take a stand against Joe Biden’s corruption. They must fulfill their role as representatives of the American people and hold him accountable for his actions. The evidence is mounting, and we can no longer turn a blind eye to the blatant abuse of power within the Biden family.

Written by Staff Reports

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