Explosive Claims: Bidens & Ukraine Corruption Exposed!

Viktor Shokin, a former prosecutor in Ukraine who was fired after Joe Biden put pressure on him, has made shocking claims that the former vice president and his son were likely involved in corrupt activities with Ukrainian billionaires. Shokin was looking into the Ukrainian oil company Burisma Holdings, which paid Hunter Biden a seven-figure salary, before he was fired.

Biden, who is known for using strong language, proudly said that he got Shokin fired by threatening to take away $1 billion in loan guarantees from Ukraine. He was happy to say that he told the Ukrainian officials that they would not get the money if the prosecutor was not fired. Shokin got fired, you jackass!

Even though these accusations are very bad, the left-leaning mass media has been calling them a "conspiracy theory" for years. It looks like they will do anything to protect their favorite Biden and the bad things he does. But in an interview with Fox News's "One Nation," Shokin said that he was sure that Biden and his son had been paid off. He also made a good point: Isn't the fact that Biden gave Shokin's firing in exchange for $1 billion in US money already a case of corruption?

Biden's supporters have often said that most people thought Shokin was crooked. But newly released emails show that even the Obama administration didn't expect Biden to try to get rid of Shokin. Even Eric Ciaramella, the so-called "whistleblower" who led to the first investigation of President Trump, said he liked Shokin. It's becoming clear that Biden's actions were not about fighting crime but about protecting his own and his family's financial interests.

Since there are problems with corruption in Ukraine, some critics might not believe Shokin. But he is not the only person who says that the Bidens have been corrupt in Ukraine. Devon Archer, who used to work with Hunter Biden in business, told the House that Joe Biden was the "brand" that Hunter Biden's father sold overseas and that Burisma asked them for help dealing with legal "pressure." Even though Archer didn't prove that the payment claims were true, it does raise more questions about the Bidens' role.

Shokin claimed that Burisma was doing things that were against the law, and he said that the case should get extra attention because the company had ties to the vice president of the United States. The fact that Burisma knew Hunter Biden and that Biden was in charge of Ukraine for the White House at the time makes it the most important thing in the world. Still, Democrats keep saying with a lot of passion that this story has been "debunked" without giving any good sources or proof.

More and more, it's becoming clear that Biden's role in Ukraine was, at best, unclear and, at worst, crooked. The mainstream media's desperate attempts to get rid of these claims only show how biased they are and how much they don't want to hold their favorite politicians responsible. It's time for the truth to win out and for Biden to take responsibility for what he did.

Written by Staff Reports

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