Face the Nation Host Covers for Hunter, Christie Fights Back

In a recently aired episode of “Face the Nation,” host Margaret Brennan had the audacity to tell Republican lawmakers to “move on” from investigating Hunter Biden. Can you believe the nerve? It’s just another example of the biased media trying to protect their favorites and sweep any wrongdoing under the rug.

Brennan conveniently failed to mention that Hunter Biden was granted a plea deal that allows him to avoid jail time. How generous! It’s infuriating that congressional Republicans are holding hearings while Hunter skates by with zero consequences. But hey, who needs justice when you have political connections, right?

Former Governor Chris Christie, who knows a thing or two about the justice system as a former U.S. attorney, wasn’t having any of Brennan’s biased narrative. He rightly pointed out that the conduct of the U.S. Attorney in Delaware, as well as the Justice Department, cannot be justified. It took them an astonishing five years to come to this pitiful plea deal. If that’s not incompetence, I don’t know what is.

Christie also raised an important point about Hunter Biden’s gun charge. While Democrats love pushing for stricter gun laws, they conveniently ignore the fact that Hunter lied on his gun permit application and mishandled the firearm without facing any penalties. And who sponsored that very law? None other than his father, Senator Joe Biden. It’s a double standard so glaring that even a blind person could see it.

Brennan tried to dismiss Christie’s valid arguments by pointing out that the U.S. Attorney responsible for the investigation was appointed by former President Trump. But Christie wasn’t going to let her off the hook that easily. He emphasized that it doesn’t matter if an appointee is a Republican or a Democrat. If their work appears incompetent and inexplicable, they owe the American people an explanation. And that’s exactly what Weiss and the Department of Justice need to do.

There has been considerable confusion surrounding Weiss’ authority to bring charges against Hunter Biden in California and Washington, D.C. IRS Whistleblower Gary Shapling has even come forward to claim that Weiss didn’t have the full authority to do so. It seems like the DOJ and Weiss himself can’t get their stories straight. This raises serious questions about their integrity and whether they are simply playing politics with the law.

Republicans must stay strong and not back down from these investigations, no matter how much the biased media tries to pressure them. We must hold the Biden family accountable and ensure that justice is served. The American people deserve transparency and fairness, not a media-driven cover-up.

Written by Staff Reports

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