Pulitzer Prize Errors: Labels Traffic Cams Racist, Claims Abortions Save Infant Lives

The Dis-Honors of the Pulitzer Prize recognize those who are not exceptional in journalism. This week, some of the noteworthy recipients were criticized and mock.

First up is CNN, which brought viewers the live shots of the gate at Trump's Mar-a-Lago. They then covered a special prosecutor's lunch break at Subway. A panel of experts discussed the prosecutor's decision to buy a sandwich, and one of them claimed that it was a message to Trump. It's clear that they will continue to fight against the president.

The Daily Beast focused only on anti-Semitism when it involves Republicans. The press then blamed Republicans when a Democrat made anti-Semitic remarks. It is astonishing how the media can use this strategy to protect its political allies.

A mention should also be given to Politifact for their study of the music video of Jason Aldean, which they claimed showed protests from other countries. However, they then conveniently showed that he was not racist, since some of the footage featured a pro-Trump rally.

On Sky News, they reported that a car had caught on fire on a freeway in Los Angeles. Since car fires are becoming global news events, I'm eager to see what they'll be reporting next.

In another instance of how the media can push their agenda, CNN covered the effects of Texas' new abortion laws. They claimed that the increase in births was bad news, as it also led to a rise in infant mortality. They then claimed that it would have been better if the state had allowed more abortions to prevent the deaths of a couple hundred infants.

The PBS program, Frontline, claimed that automated traffic cameras are racist. They examined the disparity in the tickets issued to African-Americans in Chicago and found that it was evidence of racial discrimination. It's unbelievable how they can make a racial issue out of anything.

For their coverage of the sports bra's history, NPR should be commended. However, they completely ignored the evidence of corruption and censorship claims made by the whistleblowers of the IRS, as well as Biden's past.

The Washington Post claimed that playing video games was a significant story that affects everyone. Rather than focusing on the issues that need attention, they should be focused on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's gaming habits.

This week's batch of Pulitzer Prize recipients are once again considered unworthy. It's a shame that these individuals are celebrated for being biased, but at least we can laugh at them.

Written by Staff Reports

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