FAKE News! Don’t Believe this Liberal Propaganda Being Spoon-fed by “Mainstream” Media

There is a remarkable paradox about the various news outlets, such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and other longstanding news outlets, which boast of having some of the best editors and reporters in the industry. However, their political coverage is a stain on the best traditions of journalism.

The journalists who cover these news organizations know that Hillary Clinton's campaign fabricated the false allegation that Donald Trump was involved with the Russians to sway the election. Instead of reporting on this matter, they decided to continue pushing a conspiracy theory about the Russians and the election for years.

They also know that there are numerous questions about the business activities of the two sons of President Joe Biden, Hunter and James. They have been ignoring the growing evidence of corruption, including allegations that the president had lied about his financial transactions.

They have intentionally kept their readers in the dark about the most significant stories that have affected the country.

For instance, they were surprised to learn that there had been a record number of early voting in Georgia, which was described as "Jim Crow 2.0." They were also shocked to learn that despite the widespread racial discrimination in the US health care system, white people are more prone to dying from COVID than African Americans.

It's also troubling that their readers are reacting to the polls that suggest that the Republicans are poised to win big in the upcoming elections.

Although the out-of-power party usually does well in off-year elections, this is the first time that a red wave has occurred since the establishment media started labeling the GOP as the Third Reich's replacement.

For months, the Democrats and their allies have been treating January 6 as if it was 9/11 or Pearl Harbor.

The president has been using the term "MAGA Republicans" to describe the opposition party. The mainstream media has also been labeling the upcoming elections as a battle for democracy.

No rational American who regularly reads these media outlets would support the Republicans.

According to Jill Lawrence, a columnist for USA Today, voters should not vote for the party if they care about the country's future or democracy. She also stated that voters should not support the GOP regardless of their party affiliation.

The message that was delivered to the American people is not just false, it is also very offensive. The vast majority of Americans are loyal to the rule of law.

The persons who carried out the attack on the Capitol on January 6 were a "fringe minority". Those who argue that the country's democracy is under threat are the greater danger.

The media has been continuously demonizing the opposition party and warning about a civil war. Their constant warnings about a potential conflict sound like a desire for conflict instead of a warning.

The upcoming elections may prove to be a resounding victory for the wisdom of the American people. Despite the constant barrage of propaganda from the mainstream media, the American people still have the necessary information to make informed decisions.

They can identify the issues that are most important to them, such as high interest rates and violent crime.

Written by Staff Reports

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