Leftist Gov. BUSTED Lying To Parents And Police

Unfortunately, Whitmer's supporters are not letting her off the hook on the truth after they exposed her for lying during her re-election campaign.

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Elections have repercussions, and the stakes could not be greater for Michigan residents. It's becoming increasingly clear how much Whitmer messed up as more polls and advertisements surface demonstrating that she was exposed for her lies.

reports for Red State. Even though it's fall in Michigan, the race for governor is getting hotter. The current governor of the Wolverine state is feeling the heat the hardest.

One of the causes of this is that Gretchen Whitmer had a 10- to 14-point advantage over Tudor Dixon, the Republican challenger, a little more than a month ago. Some reports claim that lead has been eliminated, leaving a statistical tie.

An updated ad from the Michigan Freedom Fund that highlights the lies Whitmer stated throughout the campaign about students only being home for three weeks during shutdowns was published to increase the pressure.


The advertisement goes on for a little while longer, but as you can see, the lies and hypocrisy keep piling up.

After her argument, Whitmer was exposed for defunding the cops, and the internet had none of it.

According to Next News Network. Whitmer stated that she would "continue investing in law enforcement" at a discussion between her and Tudor earlier this month, although as observed by RNC Research, she had previously stated that she backed the "spirit" of defunding the police.


Her falsehoods have come back to haunt Whitmer. Scumbag politicians cheat and lie to achieve what they want, and that is how they gain power. When these scumbag politicians lie to us, we the American people must hold them responsible. Tudor Dixon is a strong candidate who will work hard to make Michigan's mistakes right. Whitmer must think that people are so naive that they fail to remember that she closed schools for years, not just three weeks. Her lies have been exposed online thanks to the internet.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Next News Network.

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