FBI raids homes of leftist plotters behind Tucker Carlson video leak!

The FBI has finally cracked down on the leftists responsible for the leaked backstage videos of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson! According to the Tampa Bay Times, FBI agents raided the home of Tim Burke, a liberal media consultant, and Tampa City Council member Lynn Hurtak on May 8th, in connection to this heinous smear campaign against one of the most beloved conservative voices in America. These leaked videos were obtained by Vice News and Media Matters, two leftist media outlets that are notorious for spreading fake news and propaganda.

The leaked videos show candid conversations between Carlson and his staff during commercial breaks and before segments on his Fox News program. The videos also included unaired footage of Carlson’s interview with rapper and fashion designer, Kanye West. The mainstream media’s attack on Carlson was so relentless that Fox News was forced to announce his departure from the network on April 24th.

Carlson’s departure from the network has had a significant impact on Fox News’ ratings, with some subscribers cancelling their subscriptions to the affiliate streaming service, Fox Nation. But the leftist media didn’t stop there. Media Matters posted some of the videos on their platform, which prompted Fox News to send them a cease-and-desist letter.

Carlson’s attorneys have accused the network of breaching its contract, and they’re absolutely right. It’s a shame that liberal media outlets like Vice News and Media Matters are intent on destroying conservative voices like Carlson. But Carlson is not going to go down without a fight! In fact, Carlson just announced on his Twitter account that he’s launching a new show, proving that he will always be a champion of conservative values!

Thankfully, the FBI is finally taking action against the leftist smear campaign now that they’re raiding the homes of those responsible for this despicable act. This is a crucial moment for all conservatives as we must continue to fight back against the never-ending leftist propaganda machine!

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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