FBI Refuses to Comply With Congressional Subpoena on Joe Biden

Once again, the FBI has declined to adhere to a congressional subpoena demanding an unclassified document that purportedly contains details about a pay-for-play scheme involving President Joe Biden during his time as vice president. Reports indicate that the FBI has neglected to provide Congress with an FD-1023 form, which was requested and pertains to the scheme initially brought to Senator Chuck Grassley’s attention by a whistleblower. Initially, the FBI raised objections to the request through a detailed six-page letter on May 10, citing the information as originating from a confidential source and lacking verification. The agency stated its duty to safeguard the source’s identity and refrain from divulging unverified or incomplete information.

Despite Congressman James Comer’s appeal for both the document and information regarding the investigation, the FBI has refused to comply with the subpoena. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has expressed his concerns about the situation, emphasizing that “Congress holds the right and authority to oversee the FBI.” Unfortunately, it is evident that the FBI holds a divergent perspective on this matter.

This situation is unacceptable, and it is imperative to exert pressure on the FBI by holding FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt or initiating potential impeachment proceedings against him. Congress also possesses the authority to reduce funding to federal agencies in order to enforce compliance with subpoenas. The degree of secrecy maintained by the FBI is unjustifiable, particularly when it involves potential criminal actions by the president. The integrity of our criminal justice system is in jeopardy, and it is crucial to ensure that the FBI adheres to the request and conducts a thorough investigation into these allegations. It is time for Congress to take decisive action and hold those responsible for withholding information accountable.

Written by Staff Reports

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